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Tell Your Own Story Too...Have You Digitised Your Own Photos?



Five days ago I was challenged through social media to share photos of myself.  They had to be more than 15 years old.  Well, that really was a challenge as ALL my physical photos are in storage and I haven't been able to scan them.  What little I have in digital form are not yet fifteen years old.  So it really was a challenge and one that I believed at the time couldn't be completed.  How wrong I was...

As I searched through my computer, I realised that I really needed to get my digital images sorted. How many of us have images scattered all over the place? This happens easily and before you know where you are, you have lost (maybe, temporarily at least) the ability to locate these images, when you require them. If you don't know where to begin, here are some ideal tips that will assist you to get started: Storing & Archiving Digital Photos

Anyway, I was having trouble finding pictures, that were more than 15 years old...finally, I found one, it was in the tribute that I put together for my father's funeral nearly nine years ago. It was the only christening photo that exists of me.  Why? You may well ask. Well, it turns out that Dad had his camera, full of photos of the happy event, he placed the camera down on a sideboard in my Grandmother's house.  Someone came along and took it...seriously, how could someone do that??? But the sad truth is that they did and it meant that all but one photo, taken by my Godfather survives to this day.

So, day one was done but was I going to make it to day two and beyond...I started is what I found...after searching through the PC to locate any picture images...lucky I had scanned a heap of photos in a concentrated effort after a Family Reunion several years ago.

Day Two: Was a picture taken out the front of 25 Hunter Street, Richmond, Victoria, with my Aunt Dianne Watson nee Harry. The same place as the first photo, but taken on a different angle and a few years later, before my Aunt married.  The beautiful cottage in the background was bulldozed over ten years ago and it is now the site of a modern architectural wonder. It was a toss up between that photo and the photo of me as a flower girl in my Aunt's Wedding picture. Here they both are...

This was beginning to be a bit of it truly made me realise that I need to sort my digital images sooner, rather than later. So I started to find photos of me.  Do you or have you, started to tell your story? If you are like me, you've started to tell your family's story...but what about you???  The best person to tell your story is YOU...start now, get it done.  It will be one of the hardest stories you tell.  But you can tell it on your terms, how you remember it.  That is the best!

Moving onto day three, by this time I'd found so many pictures to share, I had a tough time deciding how to do it..and what to share...but once I found this picture, I knew I had to share it...

This was taken on my seventh birthday, we lived in Bessie Street, South Oakleigh, Victoria at the time.  The party was after school and attending the party was my BFF Lyn McCullogh, myself, my brother Karl (Dec'd) and a neighbour whose name was Deborah (can't remember her family name, she moved to Canberra, shortly after) her mum had forgotten about the party, so she came in her school uniform.  We had fun and one gift I was given was a colour picture, autographed (printed) of the Beatles.  I was in heaven...sadly the picture went missing later that year when we moved to Carrum, Victoria.

Well, it was now time to move on, to colour photos...once I found this, I knew it was 'next'. Taken ten years after the last photo that I shared.  I was now in form six (year 12) doing HSC (Higher School Certificate) and shortly after this was taken, was living in Germany. Life was exciting and I had the opportunity presented to me to stay in Germany to live and work there.  (I am a dual citizen by birth) But, I was torn, finally deciding to come back to Australia and begin my working life. So I started working at the State Bank Victoria as a clerk/teller.

Just after I started working in the State Bank Victoria, I met my partner.  I used to attend Square Dancing Nights, which kept me fit. Doing the four brackets of dances, as they were called meant that I was super energised.  We both enjoyed Square Dancing and began to attend conventions, wearing matching was a lovely time shared. We got engaged and married within twelve months of meeting, actually, it was eleven months, but who's counting?  This day arrived with dark clouds hanging overhead.  But just after this photo was taken, the sun shone through as I entered the church. As money was tight, well when hasn't it been, I picked up this gorgeous bridal gown, from Katies Bridal Boutique in Melbourne, CBD.  It cost $50 (which was one-tenth of the average Bridal Gown of the day).  I put it on Lay-by (which is how many items were paid off before credit cards became the norm) as it was the last one of it's kind and it fitted like it had been custom made for me.  

Well, that is a very shortened version of my first twenty years.  I have lots of work to do and paperwork and photographs to follow up with. I've included some links to help get you started.
Have FUN & ENJOY!!!



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