Friday, January 27, 2017

To The Year That Was...To The Year Coming...Experts In Genealogy Full Steam Ahead!!!

Goodbye 2016...Hello 2017

"Celebrate Your Genealogy Feats of 2016!"

Thanks to an email I received late last year from Diane Haddad Editor, Family Tree MagazineI’d like to finally bid goodbye to the year that was 2016…(better late, than never). It wasn’t one of my fav years, I had my biggest health challenge to date, a diagnosis of Leukaemia…but it is a battle that I’m currently winning. So whilst the year didn’t progress well for me initially, it ended up on a much happier note. So now I'm going to celebrate my genealogy feats of 2016...

Genealogy was 'technically' put on ‘hold’ as I focused on getting well as quickly as possible. But I did manage a few wins…

Completed the second blog about ‘Three Young Men From Charters Towers’ who went to Gallipoli and didn’t return home. This year will be about the third…it’s due for publication 25 April 2017 – Look out for it. The first one I did is here

Cousin Michael & Fiona

My Cousin arrived from Germany for a ‘flying’ visit and yes, he loved this gorgeous country...we shared as much family information as we could.  I know we shall remain close and help each other to collect even more information.  Particularly the Bohemian Glassblowers on our Hegenbarth Grandmother's line. I can feel a blog coming on...

My DNA Results

Finally got a response from one of my requests on Ancestry re a DNA match…yay…yay…yay!!! Better still a match on a line that I had very little knowledge until recently - another blog coming very soon!

Got to connect with more gene friends on facebook. They help me try/experience more things and grow as a genealogist – thank you, friends :)

Blogged a little more…told my father in law's story (the short version) then started to tell the story of my father –  which became a much bigger task than I had initially realised…it’s still to be completed…but I’m on my way. Here is Part One & Part Two

Got lots of drafts ready (part of the way, at least) for the blog, which will be telling the story of my Ancestors and that has to be a good thing.

Made some positive decisions about moving forward with Genealogy – It’s my passion and my purpose

Yes, I still have a lot ahead of me…but it does look like 2016 was paving the way for 2017 to be the...